The biggest reason why you’re not getting leads and sales.

Back when I first became a web developer, WordPress never existed. It was first released on May 27, 2003 (yes, I’ve been at this longer than that!) Of course, back in the beginning, it wasn’t at all what it is today but everything has to start somewhere.

The thing is, WordPress has grown to such an extent that entrepreneurs and business owners think that is the ONLY way to build a website. This is far from the truth where many times WordPress is not the ideal solution to meet a businesses needs.

But I digress.

After reading this article, you’ll find out the one biggest reason why your website isn’t getting you the results you’re wanting… and a big culprit is WordPress.

With the evolution of WordPress has come an array of problems and issues that many entrepreneurs and business owners aren’t fully equipped to handle. Why? Because they aren’t knowledgeable in the full spectrum of brand identity and website design.

I mean, they’ve got a WordPress site; what else do they need, right?


First of all, WordPress started off as being a blog platform. A means for website owners to be able to add a blog to their site and benefit from the trackback, categorization and social sharing capabilities it offers.

Then it evolved into being a Content Management System (CMS) where non-blog pages could be easily created too. Thus allowing the creation of a full-fledged website without needing to know a hexadecimal of code. Pretty cool eh!

Well, yes and no.

As convenient as WordPress has become to quickly get up a functional website, there are other factors that need to be taken into consideration that are often ignored.

Factors such as:

  • – Branding and Design
  • – Search Engine Optimization
  • – Usability and Accessibility
  • – Code Validation
  • – Image Optimization and Page Load Times
  • – Marketing
  • – Copywriting
  • – Analytics

And when these factors are ignored (or not done very well), that’s when the business owner finds their new, quick and convenient website has become very underwhelming when bringing in new leads and sales.

So a big trade off has happened. Cheap and Convenient for Loss of Leads and Sales.

One of the biggest reasons for this is branding.

If your website looks like any other WordPress site, it has lost its uniqueness that showcases your business as being distinctive from the competition.

What needs to happen is for it to appeal to a specific audience, your target market, that will compel them into action.

Unfortunately, whether a theme has been purchased or using one of the free templates available, the odds are great that you have lost that appeal and it’s going to look like the hundreds, if not thousands of others that used that same theme.

Not only that, but if an “out of the box” theme is being used, then that means no thought has been put into the actual brand of the business.

How is your website being received by your ideal target market? Does it look boring and/or amateurish? Is it turning them off because they assumed within seconds that you are not the right fit for them? Are the right colours, fonts and imagery being used to draw them in and compel them into action? Are they confused and can’t tell what you offer?

A confused mind says no every time.

If you’re not sure what the answers are, then the odds are good that you don’t fully understand or appreciate what a brand is and how important it is to the success of your business.

So if you have a high bounce rate (meaning if people are leaving your website within moments of coming to it), then that’s a big indicator your brand (or lack of one) is not working. It’s certainly not the only factor, but it’s a significant one.

A good brand begins with identifying your ideal target market and unique selling position and then creating a visual representation of your business that will appeal to the right people for the right reasons.

Once that is done and you have created a unique brand that is specific to you and your business, then your website will no longer look like just another WordPress template and you’re on your way to business success.