SEO or search engine optimization is a technique that boosts the page ranking of websites in major search engines. There are two important ways through which to complete optimization of the site is achieved which are on-page optimization and off-page optimization. While on-page optimization deals with making the site friendlier to search engine crawlers, the promotion of site through article publishing to popular sites, link building, and social media marketing comes under off-page optimization.

SEO articles are nothing but articles written in a cohesive fashion with proper usage of keywords. Now, keywords are the choice of words or phrases that a netizen usually inserts in the text box of search engines while looking for some information or services regarding any particular item. For example, suppose a user wishes to purchase a mobile through online mobile store or he/she is just interested in knowing about the specific set. In order to be led to any website he/she feeds a combination of words like “cheap mobile phones”, “latest mobile phones”, ” nokia 6300″, “Samsung E1120” etc. These are called keywords and SEO article writing uses the combination of these to write a well knit and germane article.

It usually happens that while posting these articles redirection links are embedded in the keywords so that when the user clicks he/she is led to the respective websites. SEO article writing also concerns the repetition of the particular keyword a fixed number of times which is called as keyword density or KWD and it varies from 1% to 4-5% as required by the SEO professionals. However, excessive usage of keywords may backfire as search engine crawlers can grow suspicious and above all, the readers will not feel the article is worth reading or recommending.

SEO article writing [] needs some experience because you have to present a relevant content and also make sure that the writing includes the keywords at regular intervals and in such a way that the reader does not get any hint that the keyword has been un-necessarily stuffed.