There is not much of a difference in search engine optimization practiced by Joomla and all the others. But, Joomla is different in some respect. The biggest difference is that it has the ability to feel the pulse of the internet activity and moulds itself fast and quick to keep itself ahead of others. We shall, at the outset, take a shot on the checklist for a great search engine optimization under the Joomla umbrella.

Title tag is the foremost factor in ranking a page on search engines. Joomla will use the carefully chosen title of an article in the title tag appearing in the blue bar. This title will also be used as a text in links embedded in the article.

Anchor text is a hyperlink between different web pages. By networking or online press service, get some inbound links to your article through the keywords slotted for ranking.

Global link popularity that is higher number of sites linked to your website decides your link popularity or PageRank (Google). The only way is to have a rich content site with over 200 pages. Joomla does it quickly. You have to work upon the link popularity within your site. For this use the linked title setting and use ‘most read’, ‘related items’ and ‘latest news’ modules.

Age of your website is also important. This can be achieved by extending your domain registration for 2 years or more.

Try to get inbound links which are topically related to your content and has a high PageRank. Get at least 20 returns for links through Google. A blog on your site and networking with others of the same topical community will be helpful.

Keyword density and their proper placement are also important. Keywords look better and easily targeted in the first two sentences of the first paragraph and one in the last paragraphs.H2-H6 key wording is also helpful in page ranking.

Finally, try to utilize 404 errors facility so that lost users get redirection to valuable text based pages. Placement of text links to major websites is also a good practice.

The developers from joomlatwork have developed a useful SEO extension called the Joomla search engine friendly patch which will enable you to control the Site title and content titles plus Meta tag descriptions and keywords generated by Joomla making menu item and each content more specific for both the search engines and the users.