Here are some top tips for affiliate marketing newbies and hopefully will set you on the path of making money

1. You must have an online banker.

PayPal is the number one online banker and PayDotCom is moving up fast. Both are free to join. One of the advantages of PayPal is that you have a lot less credit card exposure by having your credit information in only one place.

2. You must have a web site.

Not everyone agrees with this, however our experience is that with your own website you can do a lot of extras like tracking using Google analytics, adding a WordPress blog, adding Google ads etc. We have found the hosting managers that provide cpanel are excellent since cpanel has a great number of options. Recently the number of free websites are increasing, but note that with a free site may come limitations.

3. Sign up with these affiliate marketers


* Amazon Associates

* Commission Junction



There are 1000’s of them but these are the most used.

4. Pay Per Click Advertising

Start with Google AdWords

Then go with Yahoo Advertising

Then try

Be careful, make sure you always indicate a daily spending limit. Read some articles about selecting keywords.

5. Use all the free advertising you can get.

These are sites like:



* for blogs

* Google for blogs

6. Article Marketing

Drive visitors to your site with article marketing using companies like:




7. Choose a niche and get with the program.

This might be the hardest part for you. There are some good Niche using systems like and WealthyAffiliate. com

Niche choosing has become a science lately, and we use the systems from the two sites above.

8. Avoid the get rich quick schemes.

You will be deluged with offers to make a million or more per year. They do this by selling to suckers.

Our experience is to target steady progress and read a lot about affiliate marketing but do not jump at every suggestion. Take time to be sure you are on the right track.

9. Be patient and methodical

Do not jump from one scheme to another. Take the things that are working and expand them. If something does not work, junk it and proceed. Learn from your experience. Learn as much from your failures and from your successes.

In our 14 years doing this we have seen a lot of people rise and fall and come and go. The ones that are still here after 10 years usually are the ones that took their time and achieved a steady stream of visitors and kept making progress in little steps.

10. On line schools

There are some excellent on line schools for learning about affiliate marketing.

11. Last tip

This is the most important. Never quit.

Thomas Edison failed over 2000 times before he come up with the light bulb.

FEDEX has its operations in Memphis because Little Rock did not see the opportunity proposed from a University of Arkansas graduate.

Nylon was invented by mistake along with rubber and a host of others.

As an operations manager in a large paper mill complex, I learned more from my mistakes that from my successes and we were able to achieve overall success from constant tweaking and testing.

So never quit and tweak, tweak, tweak!

Now get and there and get with it! Achieve your goals!

The future of affiliate marketing is brighter than ever.