Keywords are an elementary and important part of your internet marketing campaign and truly a Major topic on the how to make money guidebook. Keywords are important because they are the link between a product or service, the provider, the potential customer and the search engine they use to find out about whatever it is they need online. As a marketer it is wrong to follow the beaten path of guessing what keywords are being used, instead choose to you use tools and information that generate exact and appropriate keywords if you intend to make any decent income online.

Luckily, there is a wealth of tools and knowledge that you can use to get you the right keywords for your niche market. There is enormous competition for keywords’ in most niches or market categories and it is therefore wise to be careful, strategic, modest and consistent if you are to hit the keyword jackpot.

Since keywords are an integral part of any successful marketing campaign, composing a list of hot keywords or keyword phrases early on is very important, Make it a point to at least have ten good keywords and keyword phrases for any product you choose to market.

Keyword phrases or long tail keywords are a group of words people type in search engines such as Google when searching for certain kinds of information. An example of a keyword phrase would be ‘lose weight diet’ a keyword would be ‘diet’ see, simple? Yeah. I always suggest going for keyword phrases though they are said to get less searches. They generate highly specific and targeted web traffic which at the end of it all is the main aim.

Today I will quickly explain how to use the Google external keyword tool to perform keyword and keyword phrase’ searches. As earlier mentioned, this is all very important in answering the overall question of how to make money online using the internet.

Google external keyword tool is a very simple and effective tool that you can easily find by typing in the words; Google Keyword Tool’ in Google. It is effective in that it helps you get new keyword ideas as well as giving you ideas of what people are searching for in any particular niche, it also generates important statistics on specific keyword which eventually aides your keyword search.

The keyword tool provides you with a place to enter your chosen keyword, and its captcha code. You can then filter off certain words from appearing in your search, which helps focus your search, an example would be if you choose to filter off the word ”free” from your search which eliminates freebie seekers automatically.

You can then put your long tail keyword of keyword phrase into a Google search. Put it in quotes e.g. ”lose weight diet”.This helps to show the number of direct competitors for that word which appears at the top right hand corner of the Google search page.

Repeat this until you have collected at least 10 good long tail keywords and you will soon find yourself ranking well for these keywords. As a general rule the best keywords are those with less than 10,000 competitors and at least a thousand searches. You will be able to easily determine these stats as they are directly deducible from the Google keyword tool.

Of course knowing what your competition is doing in terms of keyword searches is vital and for this you can go to a site called Spy foo. Spy foo will also help you get keyword ideas in case you are stuck, or struggling to get good keywords for your campaign. You of course shouldn’t forget to get back to the external keyword tool and get the statistics of that keyword, sounds repetitive, but it must be done.

And finally remember that successful keywords are generated by stepping into the mind of a potential buyer, simply think like they would. Constantly ask yourself what would a person looking for this particular product search for?

Remember also to use buying keywords, as they generate searches from people intent on purchasing, an example of such keywords: ”purchase diet book’, ‘pay for dog training by PayPal’ ‘this shows people who are looking to buy and is really what you are after.