There are several proven ways to get media exposure for your Website or Blog. From Social Networking to YouTube Videos and it does not have to cost you anything. Except you internet connection that is. Turning a Blog post into a video is among many exposure tactics used by Super Successful Marketers. But it always is and always will be the quality of your content to get media exposure for your website or blog.

To turn a blog post into a video use a Free Tool called “Lumen 5”. You can easily search your browser and access this valuable tool. Please take your time and learn your way around Lumen 5, it’s a great way to get media exposure.

With video ranking, the SEO is pretty much the same as with a website or blog. To get media exposure for your website or blog you need to be extremely descriptive and precise. Tell YouTube what your video is about. And always place your Target Keyword as the first word in your video title. In fact, try having around 3 target keywords in the video title. But be sure the keywords are used within context of the title.

Now the same target keywords must be present within the first sentence of the video description. But they must also populate the content of the description, and again. Always within context. Just cramming a bunch of keywords together that makes no sense will get your video nowhere.

The video description is your opportunity to convince the viewer that this is what they have been looking for.

Next we will look at another way to get media exposure for your website or blog. And it is something you most probably use every day. You guessed it… Facebook!

Create a Facebook Page related to your website or blog niche. Then you install a plugin called “Hello Bar” and follow the simple guidance to link your blog to that Facebook page. The Hello Bar displays as “Like Us On Facebook”. But we’re not done with the Plugins yet.

Another plugin I personally use is called “Tweedis” which is equally simple to understand. This allows you to use Highlight Text that is shared by your blog readers. Place one share option in the beginning of your Blog Post. And also one in the centre and at the end of the post.

In conclusion to plugins you want to use a plugin called “Digg Digg”. That’s the floating share button you see on so many professional websites and blogs.

These are all great tools and have proven themselves successful many times over. But without Unique and Compelling content any exposure tool may end up appearing pretty useless. Time is the most important ingredient to your online success. And to get media exposure to your website or blog will take time. Because you must build reputation and inspire your audience with content.

Remember, you’re building an Empire and not a Shelter. Building an Empire takes time, and if it was easy then everyone would’ve been DotCom Millionaires by now. Just a thought.