When we get started in this online business we are told that we do not need a website, which is true to a point.

You don’t need a website; you can send people to a web page through you affiliate link and get paid by the vendor of that page; but and it is a big but it does not secure your on-going income online.

You need to automate your online business, and the only way to do this is through your own list.

You may well of heard that the money is in your List so if you are sending people to someone else web page they are collecting the names and emails of those people you have referred and they are building their list.

Every business in the world is only as good as it’s customers, large companies give their customers loyalty cards,the reason for this is that they get to know their spending habits that way they can start planning their marketing strategies like special offers etc.

Now you can see the importance of making your own website or squeeze page which is a one page site with and opt in box so that you can capture their names and emails and add them to your auto responder program.

On the internet their are various different platforms for creating a web presence online maybe a blog, squidoo lens but the easiest and faster way is for you to create your own web site or opt-in page which is a simple one page site with either a video or description of what you are promoting with a email box to capture their details.

What ever niche market you are in; if someone is having a new product launch you can sign up as an affiliate, register a domain name for that niche and quickly create ur own website and upload it to your cPanel using an FTP program so that you can promote and capture those lead.

Ok, you may be thinking that sounds great but “how do I create my own website and get it online”.

What next……..