Hundreds of websites are published on the internet every hour of each day, a lot of problems are facing the websites owners when they decide to host their sites to be alive.

The web hosting companies are clear enough for the experts only offering their packages, but seems to be not clear at all for novice persons who have not experienced in this field of business and just need such a service to host their own websites. To choose a right website you should ask the website designer some important questions such as:

  • – What kind of hosting do I need for my web site Linux hosting or Windows hosting? That’s because if the website is built based on dot net technology so it needs Windows hosting, While the Linux hosting is optimum solution for the PHP based websites.
  • – Dose my website needs a control panel to set some folders permissions or something like this or FTP access to the web space is enough?
  • – What is the fair hosting space for my website? Some business websites needs larger space because of the online forms data and use of the company professional email not the free one, This email is using a part of the web hosting space, Number of emails wanted of course is an important issue too to determine the hosting size.
  • – How much bandwidth needed for the website? Large bandwidth needed if the website owner is planning to advertise his website on a large scale marketing level. After answering the above questions the website owner should narrow his search for the targeted web hosting companies whose offer to him all of the needed configuration for his site.

Now it’s time to determine which one of the above to choose from, Do not look at the size at the 1st. factor, i.e: do not say that this one gives me unlimited space for the same money amount, You determine the needed size before so choose the correct hosting size for your website, most not all of the hosting providers who offer unlimited hosting size their speed are low due to the large amount of not so important data uploaded and downloaded from their servers because the service buyer not put the size constrain into his consideration, sometimes few of these servers resources fails to serve.

Finally, look for the matched size, bandwidth, system either Linux or Windows and Control panel capability, then pick the hosting service which match your monthly or annually budget.