There is no doubt that inbound links are the most influential component when building a website’s authority – The higher the website authority the better it will rank with the search engines, especially goggle.

However natural and relevant link building is more important than getting irrelevant bad links. That’s why the best way to get back links to your website is by partnering with other websites with the same or related theme as yours; I am not talking about reciprocal links which are actually bad for your website’s rankings, instead having a partner website owner of the same or related theme as yours put a link to your website in one their content pages is where the value lies.

Goggle gives great value to a link from a content page in a website of the same theme as the websites being linked to. Links coming from a links page have little value since it is obviously the link building is artificial, but a link from a content page shows a true relationship of something of actual value.

Link building starts with great content

In response to a webmaster’s question on how to build links without building great content, Matt suggested that you need great content in order to build great links: “You do want to build great content, and building great content is often what brings you [organic] links.” Keep in mind:

You want to build really amazingly great content. If you want to outrank your competitors, start your efforts by publishing content that is way better than theirs.

Just publishing great content isn’t enough – you also need smart SEO, social, and promotion strategies to achieve success

Reciprocal Links
My inbox is constantly flooded with endless requests from webmasters requesting link exchange. To be clear: building an pages will do nothing for your rankings. Google discounts these outbound links and seriously de-weights incoming links.

Cost/Benefit: Don’t engage in this strategy and don’t play the fool’s game of quickly unlinking to make them appear as one-way links; it’s another spammy signal that won’t get your far. Instead, develop relationships with other savvy webmasters and trade links deep within pages when there’s semantic relevance. News portals frequently sign these types of partnership deals.

Penalty Risk Level: Low.

Remember, link building is a constant growing process. One of the reasons to like link baiting is because it’s fun and creative. Find something you enjoy creating and use it as a method to drive incoming links. That way, link building will be a part of your daily routine, not another unrealistic marketing resolution.

Finding website owners to partner with that have websites in the same theme as yours is not always that simple. There is however a company that I partnered with who gave me access to the list of all their websites. They have a website for about every category you can think of, and they link to your website from their content pages. The really good part is that they are not a link building company at all, they are a software company that happens to have websites with content for all their product suits.

I asked them if I could write and share their partnership program with other SEOs and agreed to. Below is the link all of their websites you can partner with. You will probably find a relevant category for your website because they have over 100 product themes. I will however warn you that their partnership requirements are strict, but if you are honest about building a true partnership rather than doing quick link building, it is very worth. I got over 2000 relevant permanent links from them, all from very informative content pages.

All the categories can be found at: