If you happen to be regular surfer on the web, you definitely have been wondering as to when and how you can have your very own website or blog. These days, finding a free website or blog is not all that difficult. By obtaining one of these literally hundreds of free offers, you can have your blog or website up and running. But, as always, every free offer comes with a string attached.

Most of the free website offers do not allow to have your desired name (like mydesiredsite.com). Instead they will allow you to have a website named after their own domain name (like yourname.theirname.com). In case of blogs, when it comes to popular free blogging platforms like Blogger or WordPress, you have the same thing. So, how can you have a ‘yourname.com’ type website?

The answer is pretty simple. You have to buy a domain name and host the same at some hosting company. You may separately buy them (domain name and hosting) or buy them from the same provider. Interestingly, many web hosting services offer a domain name for FREE when you buy any of their packages.

The next question one might ask is, how to choose from hundreds of web hosts available on the Internet? This is where one has to do some bit of homework. The homework is similar to a real estate due diligence, since web hosting too, deals with real estate in Cyberspace.

Whenever you decide to setup your own website, analyze the offers carefully. A detailed study on the following may help:

– Does the host offer a domain name by default? If they do, you don’t need to buy the domain name from a different service.

– You need to see if the provider offers a 100% uptime guarantee.

– What servers are being used and the data backup arrangement.

– Does the host have a website builder? This will assist you in building up your website without going through the hassle of learning HTML etc.

– Pre-installed scripts like WordPress, Joomla! etc. can be of great help if you are trying to have a blog instead of a website.

– Look for the amount of hosted web space and bandwidth limitation as well. This will decide your website’s quality and traffic.

– Features like multiple e-mail account and multiple domain name hosting is also an added advantage from the hosts.

– How much does it cost – monthly and annually? Is there any discount? Answers to these questions will save money.

If you are satisfied with all the points I mentioned above, you can go ahead with the package.

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