Most might be aware of the dedicated hosting servers as this is one of the very well known terms in the web hosting business. These days due to the affordable costs, even small and mid-sized businesses prefer to host their website/s onto the dedicated servers. But, until recently, only large businesses and organization could afford a dedicated server. Huge volume of data can be supported by the dedicated servers. These servers are further distinguished between Windows Dedicated Servers and Linux Dedi Servers. Depending on the requirements of the website, one can choose between these two platforms to host the website/s. Generally, if a website is designed using any of the Microsoft technologies such as ASP and .Net and require MsSQL database, then you have no option other than choosing Windows Dedicated Servers for hosting your website/s. While if the site is prepared using PHP and need MySQL database, it can be hosted on any of the platforms. Users usually prefer hosting such websites on a Linux Dedicated Server.

In the category of Dedi Servers, a user would lease an entire server from a host, and use it as per the requirements. You have complete root access of the server, therefore one can install any software or application of your choice without any restriction from the web hosting provider. Ofcourse one has to obey the terms of usage described by the webhost. Choosing Managed dedicated server hosting can ease you from the maintenance, security patch uploading, back-ups and recovery etc. With leased dedicated servers you can be rest assured of the data and website security and its optimum performance. The user gets the privilege to modify the server settings of the hardware components and the OS as per the requirements. One can also ask for customization of the dedicated servers. Also, some web hosting providers offer free back up servers with the package.

Colocation is little different than the dedicated servers web hosting service. The colocation services are also referred as Colo server. In colocation web hosting solution, the hardware is owned by the user himself. These dedicated hosting servers are housed in the data center facility of the web hosting provider. To avail this service, it is important that the customer owns the hardware and software licenses. The customer has the privilege of managing the dedicated servers themselves. The hardware security, bandwidth, power, space and redundant network connectivity is provided by the web hosting company. If you are ready to pay some extra charges, the host would offer technical support and the management services for your server.

Colocation is one of the most expensive types of webhosting solutions. The webmasters who have good experience with server management or large organizations and enterprises can afford Colocation web hosting services. Usually the hardware maintenance, software upgrades, security patch upgrades needs to be taken care by the owner of the server. But with managed colocation services, the host would do it for you.

Dedicated hosting servers as well as Colocation servers have individual pros and cons. With dedi servers you get to experience the same facilities as with colocation servers, but you actually do not own the server hardware, whereas with Colocation servers the customer needs to invest in the costly server hardware and pay for the initial set-up cost to the web host.