If you are a webmaster you will be plesantly surprised with some of the new extensions that are coming out for Google Chrome. There are some very handing tool available and best of all they are free!

Most everybody already knows that Google Chrome now has extensions, just like the plugins for Firefox these extensions allow you to add new functionality to the Chrome browser. You will most likely find many that are useful and shave off some time from tasks that you perform often. If you are a webmaster or a web designer there are a few Chrome Extensions that will be helpful and really stand out as must have extensions. Those are the ones we will be discussing here.

The first Google Chrome Extension that we think simply is a must have for any webmaster or web designer is the Pendule extension. This extension has about 20 web design tools built into one. You can put a on screen ruler up with a click of the mouse, use the color picker to find the hexadecimal color of anything on the page and a lot more. You can use this plugin to turn on and off many web page controls and even use it to reveal passwords if there is ever a need for that as you are setting up a site.

The Chrome SEO plugin is another must have for any webmaster. No matter what you are doing with site promotion, this tool has something for you. You will find a quick page rank checker, alexa rank, and many other seo search results in this one tool. Simply click the Chrome SEO button and you will get plenty of data on any page you are currently browsing.

The Picnik plugin is also one of our favorite for taking screenshots and quickly editing them all done online. This is a real time saver if you are working on a project that requires a lot of screenshots of various websites.

There are many other cool chrome plugins for webmasters that are useful, but these are the top 3 that come to mind. You can find many more cool chrome extensions by searching on the chrome extension website.