Codero is not considered to be the average fresh kid on your block. Codero’s may seem like a modern name in a world wide web hosting world, but it is one along with more than fifteen yrs of customer service expertise and development. Once a part of, Coderos retained the same technical, creative and support staffs that had made the as industry leader as starts in 1992.

Codero’s bursts into the scene along with a renewed and clear focuses, straining to offer the best quality dedicated server and cared hosting service to small and also for medium-size business owner. On taking the aim at managed and dedicated hosting industry.

Codero generally focuses on staying up to date with the customers increasing demand for hardware and also server-side components. By the same time, it also provides the higher quality services customers require from most experienced companies. Codero hosting provides every customer all the time surveillance, network monitoring, power backup system, and security.

It generally uses Dell servers and Intel processors that provide mostly solid platforms which allow customers to select from a stir of operating system, control panel, e-commerce capability, managed services and additional server protection. Dedicated plans usually starts at $45 dollars per month, brings up a complete server that could support the very high transfer rates requires intensive gaming or high traffic in online business.

    Unique Advantages

  • Every-new hardware configuration: Dell processors or premium Intel all with at least two gigabytes of RAMs & 250 gigabytes SATA hard drives
  • The industries most responsive and fastest configurations start at $60 dollars per month
  • Managed service options includes stats and firewall, E-Vault backup, server monitoring – allows you to select and choose your own extended service option
  • Deeper discounts available on “Value Server” brings you a great deal on excess inventories (with a first come, first served basis)
  • First rate data center facilities available in Phoenix and San Diego, with 99.9 percent of guaranteed uptimes
  • Live United States based 24/7/365 technical support through phones, live chats, knowledge bases and even support ticket. Support staffs provides more than fifteen years of experience

    Key Characteristics

  • Total spectrum of Linux? UNIX? And Windows? servers to satisfy any hosting requirements. Every server support multitasking, large volume, multimedia, high availability and visualization applications
  • *All around the clock surveillance network monitoring,power backup and security systems

  • Powerful & value-priced Intels Processors: from Celerons, 2x Xeons and Core2Duos to Quad-Core Xeons, 2x Quad Core Xeons etc.,
  • Load balancing is available for maintaining uptimes and improving productivity
  • Server monitors and remote servers management is available for the purpose of optimal performances
  • Codero Premium Setups configures your own server right at the first time itself: DNS Skeleton,Initial Control Panel,System Upgrades and Firewall
  • System Upgrades and Firewall
  • Options for unlimited bandwidths

    Customer Profile

  • Small & medium sized business
  • Higher volume transaction site
  • Storage of data
  • Broadened IT processes
  • Application service provider
  • Gaming servers