Are You Playing Hide and Go Seek on the Internet with Your Readers?

People in your niche market use search engines to look for information. By writing your articles using keywords your market typically uses, your articles can be easily found by your new readers. Make yourself easy to find on the Internet, and your readers appreciate that.

Are Your Articles Written in a Language Foreign to Your Niche Market?

Imagine being in a foreign country. They speak niche language, you only speak English. Those foreigners will be unable to understand you. What fun is that? If your articles are missing typical niche market language, your niche market will struggle to find you. Make sure your articles have language and key words your market typically uses.

Intentionally Get Your Articles Noticed

When we were little kids, we used to play games like hide and go seek. We did that intentionally to entertain ourselves. Are your articles like you as a child playing hide and go seek? Being written without observing niche market language rules? If your articles are mis-formatted for your niche market, and you make them hard to find on the Internet, you’re going to lose readers. To keep your list active, remember to write your article with lots of niche market keywords.

There are certain rules to writing articles so they get published on the Internet. Just like when you and I were kids playing hide and go seek, we played by certain rules. When you follow the rules, it’s more fun to play the game. When it comes to article marketing, you’re playing with a computer and humans. The humans program the computer to act according to rules.

You cannot fool the humans who program the computer. They know the rules. They made the rules. So if you’ll follow the rules used to make search engines and the article directories work, you’ll get your articles published.

Remember you want to get your articles noticed. When people read your articles and click through to a squeeze page, you build your list. By building your list, you have more people reading your articles and other information or promotions you send them.

Your Articles Are Entertainment For Your Readers

Ever read a story that was so predictable along the way you lost interest in reading it? That’s what happens to search engines and article directories when you have insufficient amounts of key words typically used by your niche market or you do keyword stuffing. The search engines lose interest, your niche market loses interest, and you don’t get the articles published. So provide quality article entertainment for your niche market by using keywords in the proper amount and type.