Who among you like and use eBay for an affiliate partner. For me, eBay has been very good to me with concerns to affiliate marketing. They have been consistent and have proved themselves as being very reliable. The problem that I have found in using the program is that when using a blog format, they just did not have many tools that would transpose live auctions into a format that would fit into a blog post.

This kind of bugged me for a while, and a one time I thought about writing a plugin that would solve this problem. But as I have said many of times, I am very lazy when it comes to writing new code. I just don’t want to spend the time to code anything new. One of my downfalls…

So, for a long time I just linked directly to eBay pages in all my sites. But that process if very tedious. It involves going to eBay and searching for what I am looking for, taking that URL and cut and pasting it into the eBay flexible re-direct tool. Which would spit out a affiliate URL. I would then take that URL and install it on my website in a special directory that I would link to through my pages. Wooo.. That was a mouth full. See how tedious that was.

Well, two weeks ago my prayers were answered with a slick little plugin called Bayrss. This little plugin allows the user to pull in live auctions into blog posts. The plugin works off of keywords that search eBay and pulls in auctions that fit the keyword criteria provided.

One other great thing about this plugin is once you set it up with you PID and amazons tracking code it is done. You can just create RSS feeds to your heart content. These are live auctions with your affiliate id embedded into the link that changes every time the post is opened. Pretty slick.. I Love This Little Plugin… I can create a blog and turn it into a website and create a bunch of keyword pages with just eBay live auctions. The plugin also allows for drilling into niche categories and it can pull in auctions from international eBay sites. This plugin covers everything.

One more note for this plugin. It also pulls in US Amazon items with just one line of code. It is built on the same idea as the eBay implementation.