Ok so Social ADR is not actually a WordPress plugin as people have thought, but many people who use WordPress to develop businesses online will use Social ADR tool as a key cornerstone to their success. People using it now are saying they cannot live without it.

For those who want to know more about it, this review will explain what it does. It will explain the features and benefits of this often misinterpreted tool that many people are starting to see the benefits of and using it for themselves.

This so called Social ADR WordPress plugin is, as mentioned not a plugin, but something a whole lot more interesting – something all site owners can take advantage of (not just WordPress site owners). Social ADR is an online membership based service for people who own sites that has both free and paid accounts.

Using either account can bring benefits to a site owner. With a free account there is some work to be done each day (probably around 15-30 minutes of work) which involves looking at other peoples suggested websites and then social bookmarking the ones which appeal to you. This makes it a service that works. The paid accounts mean less work.

There are even some monthly payment plans that are called SocialADR lazy accounts. These are what you might expect them to be – a service for lazy people who don’t want to do any of the work involved. All you have to do is add details of your website, and for the privilege of paying a monthly fee your sites will be bookmarked by other people for you. This develops some nice natural widespread back links.

Why Call It The Social ADR WordPress Plugin?

People have been assuming it is a WordPress plugin simply because a lot of people who use WordPress are starting to use this, and folks have basically put two and two together. WordPress and SocialADR are now often spoken of at the same time. The thing to remember is that Social ADR can be used by anyone with any website. So if you have a free website, or a serious personal site you can use Social ADR.

What Are The Benefits Of The Social ADR Software?

This software will allow you to promote your website so that you can try to rank higher in the search engines for various keywords or phrases. One thing commonly thought is that the search engines tend to like links from modern day social based sites that are often used by millions of people. It is part if their strategy to stay ahead of the game. In fact it’s important to the search engines that they only provide relevant results from sites that people like to use.

If Google only showed results from a history site when someone asked for information on the latest iPhone, they wouldn’t be very popular. So remember this is not called the Social ADR WordPress plugin. It works with WordPress sites but it also works with other sites just as well. It is an online piece of software you may well find a useful addition.