Akismet Pros And Cons!

Ever since the beginning of the Internet and emailing became increasingly popular, it brought spam along and it has since slowed down some but it never stops! The only reason it has slowed a bit is only because of the many different spam filters which help prevent the unwanted messages from reaching your in box.

For all those interested in building WordPress blogs spam, has met the enemy and you are the victor. However, just like there are two sides to every story, not everyone is thrilled with WordPress number one spam filter, called Akismet.

This software which is easily down loadable is a simplified filter which catches the spam and keeps it from getting on your blog. Mainly, it will attempt to keep someone from making comments on your web pages. This special filter manages by combining the various components of spam which is on other blogs that participate in pinging. Generating a set of rules that govern this spam, that is basically how Akismet works. Sort of a conglomeration of many blogs setting the pace as those who comment send out garbage messages to random blogs, Though some are targeted by keywords. Spammers only have to use a keyword phrase to find a huge list of WordPress blogs. There are some very powerful ‘scrapers’ that does this and more times than not, the result is spamming!

Akismet was founded and began in October 2005. The mass amount of spam that has been blocked, is estimated to be over 10 billion. Even though it does a good job the downside is, many have complained that comments with good intentions and useful information, get flagged! The biggest problem is that once you are caught by Akismet to be a spammer… It is difficult to comment on WordPress blogs!

All in all, the majority who use this plugin are satisfied. You will find this most useful plugin doing a simple search on Google. You will need a simple ID which is obtained when you sign up for the software.