If you are looking to make money online, the best and the easiest way to start is by going the affiliate marketing way. However to get started in affiliate marketing, you have to understand the basics of it. To do this, the best way is for you to get a proven affiliate marketing system. This is vital as it will ensure that you are able to handle the nitty gritty things that are related to website building, Cpanel, Plugins, Domain names etc. Without these knowledge it is going to be very difficult in managing your own affiliate marketing business.

Fortunately, there are dozens of money-making blueprint that are available online. Some are genuine and useful while others are re-hash and scams. So, as a newcomer you should be able to differentiate which is the right one for you. But how to differentiate when you don’t have any experience in this field? Here’s some guidelines that you can use to gauge whether or not a particular product is worth the investment.

You can go to the Warrior forum and join them as a member, it’s free and easy. The Warrior forum is very reputable platform for Internet marketers from all over the world to meet and discuss about everything that are related to online business matters. They have many friendly members who are more than willing to give you ideas or show you how to do certain things. What you need is just ask politely.

Once in the forum, go to the Internet Marketing Product Reviews & Ratings section and scan for a particular product that you intend to purchase. Ok, the reviews there may not be 100 percent accurate, but at least you get some feedback on a particular product or service before you actually buy them. Second method is you can also go to Clickbank.com and check for the products gravity. If it has very high gravity, it means that particular product is very popular among Internet Marketers and worth giving a shot.

Although most affiliate marketing blueprints have their pros and cons what important most is you. It all depends if you really want follow the system or to abandon it half way to look for a ‘better’ system. Don’t commit this mistake, you will end up spinning the wheels but going no where.

Anyway let me be honest to you, there are really no perfect system that are available online. What I meant by that is there are no ‘magic button system’ where you simply press one button today and make tens of thousands tomorrow. Every genuine system will require you to work. If you are not willing to do some work than I am sorry to say that affiliate marketing might not be ideal for you.