Hostmonster is the web host I have used since I began my internet adventure over one year ago. They had the best reviews and they were cheap. I opted for the unlimited sites package which has allowed me to host over 20 sites with them with no downtime. This will be a balanced review!

I have just renewed my yearly subscription (it is cheaper to pay yearly), and assume I could have as many websites as I want on their server. The customer support has been good on the live online chat and on the phone. The cPanel (menu inside Hostmonster) is very easy to navigate and allows you to easily apply WordPress, shopping carts and tonnes of other stuff with just one click. For a newbie it is very user friendly, and there are even Google AdWords vouchers for free to get you started in pay per click advertising. Personally I have used XSitePro, Blogger, Joomla and WordPress for my sites and various scripts. All were super easy to use.

For anyone wanting to promote porn or adult content sites then I’m afraid you cannot do that with Hostmonster. I learned that the hard way buy buying a domain which they quickly turned off when I put a porn affiliate link on it. I was just experimenting though so it was just a waste of $10 for the domain, I quickly realised that the adult market is saturated anyway so it didn’t bother me.

The only other slight issue was that I have sent an email support ticket once which was ignored, however they have live instant messaging chat which is far better to use and there was always someone available on that when I needed it (2-3 times). They have 24 hour phone support too which is handy if you work late or are abroad.

I have just renewed by yearly subscription with them and I doubt I will ever need to upgrade or look for another host. Apparently the unlimited package is unlimited until you have an enormous site with thousands and thousands of customers. Most people don’t have those size sites so the unlimited cheap package is perfect and very good value.