A plugin is essentially a tool or feature that can help enhance the functionality of the site, thus offering a better user experience, and in turn, increasing the popularity of the site. While there are numerous website plugins that can be incorporated, we’ve enlisted 4 plugins that are a must-have for a Fast Moving Consumer Goods or FMCG website. Let us take a closer look at each one of them.

MonsterInsights: It is a plugin that helps establish a seamless connection between a website and Google Analytics. This helps you gain an insight regarding the visitors of your website, their demographics and their behaviour while on the site. Based on these aspects, you can conveniently tweak the website in a manner that it generates more traffic and better engagement, thus leading to increased sales and revenues.

While most sites use the free version of this plugin, if need be, you can take advantage of this plugin by incorporating its Pro Version during the website development phase.

W3 Total Cache: W3 Total Cache is a plugin that helps reduce the load time of your website, by offering compresses and cached pages/files to the visitors. Considering the fact that most FMCG websites are teeming with high-resolution images and/or videos, this plugin is a must-have since it will not only ensure that the website becomes faster, but also help in reducing bounce rates. In addition, this plugin aids in reducing the load on your server.

Envira Gallery: As mentioned earlier, most websites pertaining to FMCG businesses need to host extensive image galleries. Envira Gallery is a plugin that helps in the beautification of the website through the creation of multiple responsive galleries and albums. It also allows the user to open images in lightbox pops, thus making the user experience truly outstanding.

Quick and Easy FAQs: For any customer-centric website, it is more than essential to make the customer feel welcome and establish a trust-based relationship. This can be easily taken care of by making use of FAQ based plugins. Not only will it help you create a fresh page with all the frequently asked questions, but will also enable you to expand this section as and when you need to. Since most FMCG companies keep adding different products to their portfolio on a consistent basis, such a plugin can prove to be highly beneficial.

Now that you know some of the most efficient plugins that can help enhance the user experience, make sure to ask your website designing company to incorporate them in your site and reap the many benefits that these plugins bring along.