Have you ever wondered why your site does not get many visitors? Have you wondered how other sites garner thousands and thousands of users worldwide? Has it not crossed your mind that your website or blog’s traffic is greatly reliant on the keywords that you use on your site? These things must have bothered you at least once and they should have given you the realization that something is missing in your site. You have to learn how to utilize the best keywords for your niche.

To help you overcome your concerns, here is a list of the top seven tools that you can use to identify the best keywords for your niche and to successfully monetize your website.

  1. Google AdWords – Google AdWords is a free research tool employed by a lot of experienced online marketers, publishers and webmasters. This tool is generally intended for AdWords bidders; however, due to its effective ways of determining powerful keywords and generating search results statistics, it has become a widely-acclaimed tool in the web authoring and online marketing industry.
  2. WordTracker’s Free Tool – This tool is just similar to Google AdWords but with a different GUI. It is capable of generating as much as 100 related words and providing daily search volume statistics.
  3. Google Suggest – This Google feature is another easy way to obtain sets of words or phrases via a drop-down query. Marketers, publishers or webmasters use this to gather possible relevant phrases or keywords that can be used to optimize the monetary generation of sites and blogs. This tool also provides users the total number of searches in a day. It is a lot simpler than AdWords.
  4. SEO Book – Like the above mentioned tools, SEO Book is another suggestion tool. However, this tool is not focused only on giving possible suggestions for Google. It also suggests keywords that are often searched in other popular search engines like MSN and Yahoo. SEO Book even presents tabulated statistics and information that are powered by Wordtracker.
  5. Good Keywords – Another widely used tool in extracting the best keywords for blogs or websites is the 500-Kb program called Good Words. This program is free and can be downloaded from various popular download and file-sharing sites. It has several features that aid users to generate the right words for various marketing campaigns; the most popular of these is the Keyword Phrase Builder.